Data-centered smart contracts protocol

A new generation of smart contracts designed to efficiently handle large datasets powered by Arweave.

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Blockchain data problem

Most smart contracts treat data as a side-product that slows down processing. Data is digested, pruned, and pushed out to side chains. Nonetheless, the bloated global state is still the biggest challenge of modern blockchains.

  • Enormous sizes of EVMs’ global states
  • Extreme costs of data storage
  • Weak connection between tokens and content
How Redstone SmartContracts solve that

We have a radically different design where data is treated as the most valuable asset. We get rid of the ever-growing global state by separating the storage from the computation. The contracts can be evaluated on-demand and “lazily”, which creates the potential for unparalleled scalability.

  • Decoupling storage from computation
  • Flexible lazy-evaluation pattern
  • The ability to directly process rich content

Building our solution on the Arweave chain (which is the most innovative and scalable storage solution out there), allows us to save time on the development of the basic infrastructure. Arweave has a thriving community of users and developers with a growing need for an efficient smart contracts protocol.


This is a core module responsible for the evaluation of smart contracts.
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We based our solution on the Arweave's innovative approach to smart contracts and their initial version of the SmartWeave SDK. We've designed and built our implementation, focusing on performance, modularity adding multiple enhancements and optimizations.

Performance improvement
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Benchmarks created with scripts available in our repository
Improved performance

Optimization of contract evaluation and caching mechanisms allowed us to reach speed of contract evaluation not yet seen on Arweave blockchain.

What's there already

Caching data inputs


Memoizing computations

Decentralized structure

Interactive reads from external contracts

What's coming
Decentralized structure
Distributed Execution Network

A trustless set of nodes responsible for delegated computation and speeding-up data access

Decentralized structure
Extended Functionality

Allowing contracts to modify the state of other contracts and implementing an upgrade mechanism for contracts


Sandboxing the execution environment preventing malicious code from harming users’ environment

Deterministic external calls

Intercepting and persisting answers from external API’s allowing to rebuilt contract state deterministically


Ability to create a virtual network that will use encrypted data available to trusted parties


Developing tools for code testing, automatic deployment, real-time monitoring, and debugging


Blockchains have come a long way from a medium of a single coin, through embracing more sophisticated tokens towards managing media-rich NFTs. Every iteration introduced more content-rich assets. We believe that in the future, blockchains will be able to handle large streams of data that can power machine learning and data mining solutions. When that moment comes, we’ll be ready by having a smart contracts protocol to facilitate that change.

SmartContracts community

We believe that the community is the most important building block of future of blockchain technology. For that reason we cooperate with many projects on various fields, battle-testing our product in different use-cases and environments, to create the best possible user and developer experience. We’re extremely grateful to the amazing Arweave projects for initial feedback and willingness to test our solution. A big shout out to:

Cedrik Boudreau
Arweave Team, CommunityXYZ
The Redstone team did an amazing work improving the SmartContracts Javascript library. "redstone-smartweave" is the way to go
John Letey
Founder of Kyve
The easy-to-use predefined caching mechanisms improved our contract execution time drastically! The plugin-like approach is genius - we've even made a plugin to use KYVE data when executing contracts.
Want to know more?
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to contribute in our project. We'll be happy to answer!